Organisational Chart
We work at Agri-food Cooperatives Spain with the following team:


Chairman: Angel Villafranca

General assistant manager: Agustín Herrero González
Director's secretary: Ana Arteche Moraes
EU Affairs and International, Promotion and Rural Development

Area manager: Gabriel Trenzado Falcón
Bruselles Office

Juan Corbalán García
Communication and Image

Area manager: Nerea Lerchundi Arnedillo
Pilar Galindo Gómez
Data and Documentation: Aurora García Ortega

Cristina Garrido Chamorro
Vanessa Grande Flores
Legal, Insurance and Credit Sections

Jesús Gustrán Villa
Equality, Training and Events

Carmen Martínez Ramiro
Services, Quality and Innovation

Area manager: Juan Sagarna García
Quality: Susana Rivera Pantoja
Innovation: Patricia Castejón
Innovation: Pablo Fernández Álvarez de Buergo
Financier, Tax and Internal Management

Area manager: Tomás Rojas Pacheco
Accountancy: Manuel Viera Justo
María Cubillo Arribas
Olive oil, Olive, Cotton and Wine

Juan Manuel Hidalgo
Wine Manager: Emma Castro Barreiro
Fruits and vegetables, Nuts, Potato , Flowers and Plants

Area manager: Paula Kreisler Moreno
Patricia de Almandoz Fraile
Cereals, Rice, Fodder, Seeds and Fertilizers

Area manager: Antonio Catón Vázquez

Víctor Collado Alcalá
Alejandro Gutiérrez Liarte