The Agri-food Cooperatives' bodies
Agri-food Cooperatives Spain consists of the following bodies: General Assembly, Executive Council, Cross-sectoral Council, Sectoral Council and the Management Board of the FUTs (Federations and Territorial Unions).

1. General Assembly

The General Assembly is the government body and expression of the social will and consists of the legal representatives and members of the Executive Councils of the Federations and Territorial Unions and the elected members of the Sectoral Councils. They come together on a normal basis, once a year.

2. Executive Council

The Executive Council is the government, management and representation body of Agri-food Cooperatives Spain. One of their competencies is to establish the implementation rules with subordination to the policy determined by the General Assembly and in accordance with the Law. It consists of the Chairmen of the Federations and Territorial Unions of cooperatives (FUT's). They come together on a normal basis, once a month.

Members of the Executive Council

Chairman: Angel Villafranca Lara - Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias Castilla-La Mancha.
Vice-president 1st: Juan Rafael Leal Rubio - Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias de Andalucía.
Vice-president 2nd: Cirilo Arnandis - Cooperatives Agro-Alimentàries C. Valenciana.
Secretary: Jerónima Bonafé Ramis - Cooperatives Agro-alimentàries Illes Balears.
Undersecretary: José Montes Pérez - AGACA.
Vocal (Member who may vote): Ramón Armengol - FCAC.
Vocal: José Víctor Nogués - Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias Aragón.
Vocal: Fernando Antúnez García - URCACYL.
Vocal: Pablo Durana Duque - FCAE.
Vocal: Santiago Martínez Gabaldón - FECOAM.
Vocal: Fernando Ezquerro Cuevas - FECOAR.
Vocal: José M Martínez Díaz - Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias Navarra.
Vocal: Manuel Morcillo Parés - UCAM.
Vocal: Angel Pacheco Conejero - Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias Extremadura.
Vocal: Arturo Gancedo Pérez - Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias Asturias.
Vocal: Juan José del Pino González - UCA.
Vocal: Germán de la Vega Delgado - AGROCANTABRIA.

3. Cross-sectoral Council

The Cross-sectoral Council consists of Executive Council's members and the Sectoral Councils' Chairmen and its function is to analyze the sectoral policy of the Agri-food Cooperatives Spain and at the same time simplifying the communication between the Executive Council and the sectoral representatives. This Council comes together on a prior notice basis.

4. Sectoral Councils

The Sectoral Councils are the management and representation bodies of the sectorial or the cooperatives' activity areas. The Sectoral Councils' competence is to establish the implementation rules in each industry, with subordination to the general policy determined by the sectorial's General Assembly and by the Social Councils. Its fundamental objective is to defend the cooperatives' interests, both for the Public Administrations and for the general public, and for the national and supranational Institutes. The Sectoral Councils come together regularly in accordance with the circumstances of each sector, and they consist of representatives appointed by the FUTs for each sector or area.

5. Management Board

The Management Board is composed of Managing Directors of the different FUTs and the Agri-food Cooperatives' Direction. It is a working tool and a decision-making body in which the former delegated topics by the Executive Council, with an evaluation function, puts into action common projects and the follow-up of its execution. It also participates in the elaboration of the cost and income budget and the follow-up of its execution; it also revises those questions included in the agenda of the Executive Council, which require preceding information and discussion. They come together once a month.